Photoshop Pictures


AfterShop Edit

I turned up the contrast and overall brightness of the picture because I find the original picture very dull and dark.




BeforeThe bus stop

AfterBus Edit

Changes with brightness and contrast have been made.


Week Five

This week was way tiring , the first assignment was to be submitted this week. Fingers crossed for the assignment, lets hope the tutors get the meaning out of it. I am tad bit exhausted from the haul since the past week. My other module assignments are also stacking up on me. This week we were given a shocking news that was very unexpected to the date. Mr. Charles told  us that he would no longer be teaching us or anyone because he has his own Phd to complete. Mr Choy on the other hand will get a new tutor to partner up with. We will perhaps meet her in the next week. Until then, I will be working on my other module assignments.

See you next week 🙂

Week Four

This week is the continuation of the last week’s lecture . Now the first topic of today’s study is the Post-Modernism art movement. As i write while attending the lecture, I get to know the popular artists like Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Marina Abramovic who defied the stereotypical practices and created new examples of how crazy can an artist go .

My thoughts on this art movement is that it is completely insane . From people like Jacques Villeglé that rip off collages to make a new form of art to an artist named Piero Manzoni who went too far by canning their waste and preserving it in the name of art.

The lesson I learnt today is that there is no limit to art . It can be as subtle or as insane but it totally depends on your point of view. What seems normal to you is the extreme limit for someone else. Artists never stop trying and neither should anyone else stop at a point thinking they have reached the limit. You can always do better .

Week Three

This week was straight up hard work because there were submissions for other modules. The classes were going at a full pace, with submissions coming up for most of the modules, it was really hard to manage time for other activities. We had to decide the movie that is going to be used by us and were introduced to the art movement known as modernism . Artists like Henri Touloulase and Jackson Pollock are icons in their respective field.

I look forward to the next week’s lecture to know more about Post- Modernism

WEEK TWO (Food Day)

This weeks had a interesting objective. Our tutor had planned out a exercise to be held in the class.Everyone was to bring a food item of their choice. Keeping in mind that it should be unique to others. This narrowed down our choices drastically. I ended up taking a Traditional Pakistani Cuisine commonly known as Chicken Handi (HAAN-DII). I’m glad my classmates and tutors enjoyed the meal .

This week we were also given a briefing on our first assignment that is to write a essay on a favorite scene from any movie with a strong influence from any art movement. The common art movements were Surrealism, Neorealism, Kitsch, Dadaism, Expressionism,
and Modernism vs Post Modernism.

I look forward to complete this assignment and see for myself how does it seem to turn out for me.

Thank You for your time, see you next week 😀