Art from Music

The fourth assignment was to give a artistic reaction to music. Freedom of music was allowed but the final artworks must differ. One is based on classical melody and the other on contemporary music.


The Book of Patterns

A book limited to black and white color was to be made on a standard a5 size. Everyday objects such as sponges, string, bottle caps, twigs etc were to be used to make a impression on paper. The patterns were to be compiled in a book form with an opening way of your preference . Inking different objects and using their impressions made good patterns .

Then i compiled the best of these in a book form. I bind the book using metal wire. Which gave it a rugged look. I also managed to get good grades out of this exercise.It showed how unique can ordinary objects be .

Exploring the Black Square

This exercise was really interesting because this used the most simplest shape and the most common color . A compulsory size was assigned to work the squares in. It was not easy at the first glance, but referring to some of our seniors artwork, it was much simpler than before.

The task was to cut a 5cmX5cm black square into unique shapes. Cutting out different polygons from it and also exploring the positive and negative color tones.The results were quite unique.

I also did another variant of the exercise, but with color in substitute to the white part .IMG_1729

Assignment Four – React To Sounds

This was the final assignment for the module. It carried 30% marks of the whole module. The best part of this project was that it was a group project. All of our group members contributed in the project equally. I was playing a regular character in the act . I was also directing the play.

The story revolves around a robot who is glitching out. He is having trouble with his neck, he goes to his office with the issue and breaks down at his workplace. The robot coworkers get shocked with this action and try to fix him before their evil human boss returns for a scheduled check on the workers. The main robot is fixed just in time but then goes rogue in front of the boss. But this time he managed to infest other robot coworkers, they also repeat after him, and try to attack the boss. The boss being clever than the robot and his minions, pulls out a kill switch that terminates all of them at a flick of a switch.IMG_1612.JPG

It was a good stage experience for me and I enjoyed working with my fellow colleagues.

A Video about You! CTS



During my semester I had been given many class assignments, but this one had my utter attention. This project had me hyped up with ideas . The main task was to make a video clip of approximately two minutes . It was really easy to brainstorm .

The idea I chose revolved around my daily routine. How I tend to do things in my average day. This video was shot over a weekend and I used Sony Vegas Pro to Edit it .I had a bunch of ideas but due to the limitation of time allocated for each video, they could not be included .

This project was the first multimedia related project that I had to do. I’ve learn a lot more about video editing and trimming in the duration and i enjoyed it to it’s fullest. I think i did a pretty good job on this assignment .

The video is uploaded on Youtube. The link is :

I hope you enjoy the video 😀